Jim Jarmusch & Jozef van Wissem "Etimasia" (video)

Jim Jarmusch & Jozef van Wissem 'Etimasia' (video)
Last year, musically inclined filmmaker Jim Jarmusch released two albums with lutist Jozef van Wissem, and now they've shared a music video for the The Mystery of Heaven's "Etimasia."

The song begins with classic lute plucking, and this is eventually joined by amorphous background fuzz. In the cryptic accompanying clip, we see shadowy footage of the performers along with some extremely mysterious images of an eclipse and an ornate chair sitting in a field.

The video was directed by Jacqueline Castel, who said in a statement, "Astrological omens and messianic prophecies inform the video for Etimasia, which charts the phases of an annular solar eclipse."