JDH Arms Legs Feet

JDH <i>Arms Legs Feet</i>
Vancouver, BC electronic artist JDH (Jonny Hughes) is offering up his new record, Arms Legs Feet, for a pay-what-you-want price. He has also made the full album available to stream below. JDH has been through a lot lately, as his press release states: "To say the least, Jonny has had his share of ups and downs trying to finish this album. Since the beginning stages of making this record, he has broken both wrists from a 12-foot fall, survived cancer, moved to the city, moved away from the city, got his driver's licence, got married, and more recently, had a baby."

Download Arms Legs Feet by JDH for a pay-what-you-want price here and stream the album below.

<a href="http://downloads.thisisjdh.com/album/arms-legs-feet">Intro by JDH</a>