Janette King and DijahSB Find Focus on "Cool Me Down"

King's debut album 'What We Lost' arrives in June
Janette King and DijahSB Find Focus on 'Cool Me Down'
Photos: Michael Orayo (left); Marius Jadion (right)
Ahead of sharing her debut album this summer, Janette King has teamed with DijahSB on a new single.

"Cool Me Down" finds the Canadian artists keeping focus and forward motion front of mind, as King's harmonies set up DijahSB to weave their verse between colourful chord changes.

King said of her latest, "Covid has shown me that whatever I am envisioning for myself whether that be in my career, what type of life I want to live, or otherwise, only my belief in myself can crystallize those things. If I don't put into action those dreams in my head — they will never become reality and only I can do that for myself. If I am afraid of succeeding or if I allow the variable factors of life get in my way then I will surely fail."

Along with previously shared singles "Mars" and "Airplane," "Cool Me Down" will appear on King's forthcoming full-length debut What We Lost, due out June 25 through Hot Tramp Records.

The album follows the Montreal-based artist's 2019 EP 143. DijahSB's forthcoming album, Head Above the Waters, is out this Friday (April 23); read Exclaim!'s review.