Ja Rule Disses Himself Through False Tweets Thanks to Hacker

Ja Rule Disses Himself Through False Tweets Thanks to Hacker
Things just get worse and worse for Ja Rule. Yesterday (December 13) saw the Murder Inc. maven get sentenced to two years in prison following a conviction for a weapon charge. Then longtime rival 50 Cent took to his Twitter page to take some pot shots at Ja. A flurry of activity on Ja Rule's Twitter page today suggested the rapper was going to have his say, but considering the last round of tweets seem to insult his legacy more than support it, it appears someone hacked into Ja's account.

AllHipHop points to an early tweet that confusingly finds the gravel-throated pop rapper praising 50 Cent instead of digging into his beef-mate. While the hip-hopper could have been turning the other cheek, the posts get too complimentary to take serious.

"Listen man, i was thinking, im sorry i slapped you, i wanna appologize for everything," he posted to 50. "man why you had to go in on my career like that tho? you fucked my money up, i get it, your smarter, better rapper..."

Even if you were on the fence about this post, you have to admit that the one-liners dissing the Def Jam artist's career are beyond suspicious.

"the only thang murder inc killed was my career," one message ruefully reads. "hopefully people will forget about me when im in prison then i can change my name to 3pac."

After a series of ill-willed posts that slammed Ja Rule, as well as Irv Gotti, Ashanti and Fat Joe, dude apparently now has his account back, and he's pissed. Hopefully two years in the clink will mellow him out.

"Y'all can hack my shit all y'all want still won't change the fact that @50cent is GAY your BROKE and I'm headed to jail see y'all in 2 lol!!"

As of yet, 50 Cent has not yet responded to the phony Twitter activity.