Jónsi & Alex Release Surprise Album 'Lost & Found'

It's a "sibling" to 2009's 'Riceboy Sleeps'
Jónsi & Alex Release Surprise Album 'Lost & Found'
Jónsi & Alex Somers are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of Riceboy Sleeps, and now they've surpise-released a new album. Lost & Found is out now.

In a statement, Sigur Rós vocalist Jónsi explained that Lost & Found is a companion of sorts to Riceboy Sleeps:

Lost and Found is a sibling album to Riceboy Sleeps. It falls somewhere between what was, what is, and what will be. Tape experiments, modular synth processing, and acoustic soundscapes drift in and out of focus. Sound friends that you may have heard or seen before appear; familiar, but different.

The album has no linear relationship to 
Riceboy Sleeps. It treats Riceboy Sleeps as a place to begin and finds moments from that album to open up to new moments that at times give glimpses of places within Riceboy Sleeps and at other times put you somewhere entirely new.

The album contains just six tracks, ranging from six minutes to 18 minutes long. Stream all of Lost & Found below.

This is Jónsi & Alex's first album since Riceboy Sleeps. They are currently treating that record to a 10th anniversary orchestral tour, which includes Canadian stops in Montreal on October 23 and Toronto on October 25.