Immolation Unholy Cult

Here comes Immolation, scaring the heck out of us all and laying down some serious old school death metal. Not as blackened as Incantation and not as accessible as Grave, Immolation fill the gap somewhere in between, creating a mammoth and plodding monster of an album, which just mauls anything in its path, no remorse shown and no questions asked. The band spices up their death metal with technical flourishes, especially in regards to the drummer's hi-hat trickery, but for the most part, this is bass-drenched old school death metal, replete with ridiculous vocals, awesome evil cover art and enough blasting grind to keep the double-bass starved death metal audience happy until next time. The band also has the smarts to stay away from the computer-obsessed production sound a lot of the younger death acts use today, and it pays off, creating a sound suitable for this kind of monoto-kill metal. Like a lot of the other old-timers, Immolation stick with what they know best, even if it is slightly stale, and by doing so reign supreme. (Universal)