Hear Comeback Kid Cover SNFU

The band have taken on "Reality Is a Ride on the Bus"
Hear Comeback Kid Cover SNFU
Following the recent death of SNFU's Chi Pig, Comeback Kid have paid tribute to the late Canadian punk legend. Today the band released a cover of SNFU's "Reality Is a Ride on the Bus," and you can hear the cover now.

The classic track originally appeared on Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes, and Comeback Kid stick pretty close to the original, while also  adding a lot of extra sonic muscle.

Alongside the cover, Comeback Kid shared the following message:

The legendary SNFU are one of the world's greatest punk rock bands. When we were kids, some of the first punk shows we attended were SNFU shows. You could always expect a wildly energetic and uniquely entertaining performance.

On July 16th 2020 we were saddened to hear that SNFU frontman, Kendall Chinn, aka Mr. Chi Pig, had passed away. In honour of Mr. Chi Pig and SNFU's undeniable contributions to the punk scene Worldwide, we pay tribute to their legacy with our rendition of "Reality Is a Ride on the Bus."

The song is available for purchase on @bandcamp with 100% of the proceeds being donated to @Raycamcentre. Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre offers programs low cost to youth, families and seniors who live in the area (the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, one of Canada's poorest postal codes). Programs are geared towards meeting the challenges of the community, including food security, safety and the educational, social and recreational needs of members.

RIP Mr. Chi Pig

Hear Comeback Kid's cover of "Reality Is a Ride on the Bus" below.