Grace Jones Talks New Documentary, Album

Grace Jones Talks New Documentary, Album
As we previously reported, legendary model/actress/socialite/disco queen Grace Jones recently released a new album titled Hurricane, her first brand new studio album in 19 years, through Wall of Sound on November 4. It appears, however, there will be even more to her comeback than expected.

Speaking to BBC 6music, the always colourful Jones revealed that a documentary on her life over the past few years is currently in the works. "[British filmmaker] Sophie Fiennes has been following me around for the last four or five years and it’s going to be at least nine months of editing, that’s how much material we’ve got," she told radio host Lauren Laverne.

Added Jones: "It’s a lot of performance, it’s me in Jamaica, we had a family reunion and it’s the making of the record.”

Also in the interview, Jones spoke about Hurricane, describing its uniqueness. "It’s not from the trendy producer," she said. "I’ve a guest who produced with me was not known above ground. It’s an underground record that is sticking its head up because there is just nothing else around like it.

Jones continued, saying she made the album working against the industry's grain. "I just got really disappointed with the system of how I felt I was being forced to make a record that I didn’t want to make. I figure everyone is doing the same thing. I mean, I love Justin Timberlake and all of that but everything sounds the same.

"There was no record company, there was no money. I just did my little underground gigs to pay for it and I had the support from all the musicians and everybody who didn’t ask for all the payment right away and that’s what happened.”

No date has been set yet for a North American release of Hurricane, nor is there a date for the in-progress documentary.

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