​Goodnight, Sunrise Show Off Their Gym Selfies in "Catch Up" Video

​Goodnight, Sunrise Show Off Their Gym Selfies in 'Catch Up' Video
Goodnight, Sunrise recently released their new single "Catch Up," and now the Toronto band have treated it to a matching music video.
While the song laments the negative impact social media can have on people's lives, the video takes a lighter tone — sending the band to "get our engagement up on Instagram" by staging some elaborate gym selfies.
There's a "Shred Zeppelin" muscle shirt, a keytar on the treadmill and plenty of front-facing cameras.
"'Catch Up' is about the dangers of social media and how not everything you see on Instagram is always truthful," the band tells Exclaim! "We chose to take a light-hearted approach to the video by poking fun at one such Insta-genre: the #gymselfie."
Watch the Ryan Brough-directed video for "Catch Up" below.