Goodnight, Sunrise "Gold Star" (video)

Goodnight, Sunrise 'Gold Star' (video)
Those with a keen eye for symbolism will doubtless find plenty of it in Goodnight, Sunrise's new clip from "Gold Star," which comes from a 2014 single.

"Gold Star" is a brawny rock tune, and its accompanying clip plays off the lyrical references to the rocky aftermath of a former relationship. Much of the clip features cold, lingering stares between a couple and a young woman smashing a mirror into pieces. During the spacious instrumental break, however, we're taken back in time to some happy times from the starring couple, as they canoodle on the beach.

The video was directed by Hannah Mcmillan. Check it out below.

Goodnight, Sunrise will play a release party at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre on April 2.