Gob Plot 20th Anniversary Edition of Self-Titled Debut and 'Too Late, No Friends' Tour

Gob Plot 20th Anniversary Edition of Self-Titled Debut and 'Too Late, No Friends' Tour
Gob may have just released Apt. 13, their first album in seven years, but the BC-bred punk vets will also be saluting their past sometime soon via an updated version of their 1994 self-titled debut.

Speaking with Exclaim!, the band's guitarist Theo Goutzinakis confirms that they'll be tackling the mini-effort's nine tracks anew for New Damage Records with the current lineup of guitarist/vocalist Tom Thacker, bassist Steve Fairweather, drummer Gabe Mantel and Goutzinakis. The original release on Positive/Landspeed Records featured bassist Kelly Macauley and drummer Patrick Paszana.

"We're going to re-record the self-titled EP. Nine songs, 14 minutes long," Goutzinakis says, adding of the brevity, "Maybe it could be a 10-inch because it's so short. We'll also have a couple other little treats that we're going to be recording with the EP, I just can't talk about that."

A due date has yet to be decided upon, as well as whether or not the release will tack on the 1994 sessions along with the re-recorded material. The new edition will still feature the same artwork, a blurry photo of Goutzinakis soaring through the air.

"It's Tom taking a Polaroid of me hurtling over something at his grandfather's in Hope, BC," the guitarist recalls of the impromptu photo shoot. "I had orange long hair; it was a surfer cut. It [the photo] turned out crazy so we put it up. There's a unique artistic look to it."

With the 20th anniversary of the group's landmark 1995 effort Too Late, No Friends coming up in 2015, Goutzinakis notes that the band have been talking about undertaking a tour in which they'll play the speedy 20-song set front-to-back.

"That could be a possibility for a future tour," he said. "That's a fucking crazy fast record too! It's easier for me and Tom and probably Steven to play, but it's hard on the drums. To play 20 songs in a row, though, I think Gabe could do it."

As previously reported, Gob also have a fall tour lined up, and you can find out the date details here. You can also watch their new Exclaim! TV session below.