Goat "I Sing in Silence"

Goat 'I Sing in Silence'
Mysterious psych merchants Goat will make their return next month with a new two-song single for Sub Pop. Before you can slap its infectious grooves onto your turntable, you can stream A-side "I Sing in Silence" online.

A press release notes that the outfit are getting experimental on us again. While last year's "It's Time for Fun" accentuated Goat's awesomeness with some electronic tones, "I Sing in Silence" goes in the opposite direction by offering up "mostly un-amped" melodies. As such, there's still a charming, if snaky, electric guitar wriggling above the beat, but there's a prominent, poppy flute line as well.

You'll find the cut, which features a gang chant weighing in on the synergy of generations, down below.

"I Sing in Silence" arrives on vinyl May 27, with a new track called "The Snake of Addis Ababa" resting on the flip. You can pre-order the record over here.