Get Cinematic with 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' 'They Came Together' and 'The Case Against 8' in Our Film Review Roundup

Get Cinematic with 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' 'They Came Together' and 'The Case Against 8' in Our Film Review Roundup
As Friday afternoon gives way to a glorious weekend, we've got a new film review roundup to help you kick back and relax. Whether you plan to fill your weekend with summertime adventures, or you're looking forward to hitting the cottage or the beach and doing absolutely nothing, a trip to the theatre can be a perfect addition to a sun-soaked July weekend. Our film reviews will help you decide what will be this weekend's feature presentation — read on to see what our reviewers had to say about the films that are in theatres now.

With "not-famous-anymore" Shia LaBeouf cut from the franchise and replaced with Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay has nearly achieved redemption with Transformers: Age of Extinction (pictured). Our reviewer noted that the film combines a self-aware comedic element that sets it apart from previous Transformers films, although it still sticks to the same cookie-cutter big-ticket action film formula. Read our review to find out how this film might bring Bay's long-deflated franchise back to life — it's better late than never.

Playing off the typical tropes that romantic comedies rely on, They Came Together is a rom-com parody with a cast full of comedy all-stars. Fronted by the always-snarky Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, it includes appearances from Michael Ian Black, Ed Helms and Bill Hader. Director David Wain brought in all of his hilarious friends to play a part in this film, and our reviewer proclaims that They Came Together "practically dares you not to laugh."

Next up is our review of The Case Against 8, which showcases the very real struggle that same sex couples in California have gone through to fight the U.S. Supreme Court for their right to get married. Follow the link to learn more about this illuminating documentary that tackles a very real, relevant issue.

Finishing off today's roundup is our review of the delightfully violent drama The Rover. Featuring exceptional performances from Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce, our reviewer will give you all the details on this Tarantino-approved release.

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