Gentleman Reg's Regina Gently Project Announces Debut Album

Hear "Any Other Boyfriend" from 'Don't Wait to Love Me'
Gentleman Reg's Regina Gently Project Announces Debut Album
Gentleman Reg is once again breaking out the Toronto artist's Regina Gently drag project. This time, it will be for a full-length debut album called Don't Wait to Love Me, which arrives on September 18. For a taste, she has released the lead single "Any Other Boyfriend," which features LOLAA's Lex Valentine.

In a statement, Regina Gently explained the following of the single:

"Any Other Boyfriend" is the oldest track written for the album originally written with Jamie Bunton my Light Fires bandmate about six years ago, when I still thought I was writing the next Light Fires album. It was soon after this that I realized I wanted a very different production sound and was introduced to the Thibideau brothers, through Diamond Rings (John O'Regan), and brought them songs I'd written with Jamie to get reworked. For "Boyfriend," we ended up using the exact equipment Björk used on Debut. You hear it especially in the bass sound and drums. It gave it that very '90s Nellee Hooper dance sound we all loved. Lex was brought in after we realized all the songs needed some extra soul and could benefit from some female backups. I've played some shows with her band LOLAA over the last few years and we're mutually fans of one another and that was one of the main reasons I asked her, I wanted people I respected and was comfortable with being part of this project.

You can hear the results of "Any Other Boyfriend" below.

Don't Wait to Love Me was produced and written alongside Matt and Mark Thibideau. In addition to Lex Valentine, the record features guests Kelly McMichael (Render/Gentleman Reg/Sarah Harmer), Isla Craig (Jennifer Castle),  John O'Regan (Diamond Rings) and Geordie Gordon (the Magic).

Speaking of the album as a whole, Regina Gently said:

Don't Wait to Love Me was made over a period of five or six years when I really wasn't focused on my music anymore. I'd completely stopped Gentleman Reg. I had finished touring my one woman show and was burnt out and broke and had decided to do something practical for once in my life. I went back to school to study makeup artistry and then subsequently worked in that industry for a year. However, that whole time I was writing and recording these songs to kind of keep a foot in music, but really that was the least music had been in my life since the '90s.

Don't Wait to Love Me:

1. Vacation
2. Any Other boyfriend
3. Whole Wide World
4. Good People
5. Work It Out
6. No Secret
7. All My Rich Friends
8. You Can Be The Dancefloor 
9. For You
10. Sex All The Time
11. Do I Have To Do Everything My Fucking Self

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