Gatekeeper Announce Debut LP

Gatekeeper Announce Debut LP
Following a few bite-sized EPs, horror-soundtrack-loving New York duo Gatekeeper will deliver their first full-length effort Exo this summer.

The record, which arrives July 17 courtesy of Hippos in Tanks, contains 12 new tracks described in a press release as "a gapless playback rush of digitally enhanced stimulation." The record supposedly touts sinister synth stylings, angelic choir vocals and an affinity for "IDM, acid and big-beat-inspired techno rhythms."

The LP will apparently also be accompanied by a "first-person gaming environment... in which one explores various worlds inspired by tracks on the album." It's a little unclear at this point just what to expect from the game, but maybe it will take on a similar vibe to that of Gatekeeper's early '90s-CGI-styled motorcycle fetish clip for "Chains," off their 2010 EP Giza. The video was included on a VHS cassette that came with the record.

You can check out the tracklisting for Exo down below and its album art up above.


1. Imax

2. Exolift

3. Visitor

4. Bog

5. Vengier

6. Hydrus

7. Pre - Gen

8. Tree Drum

9. Dromos

10. Aero

11. Re – Gen

12. Encarta