From the Mouth of the Sun Hymn Binding

From the Mouth of the Sun  Hymn Binding
From the Mouth of the Sun's Dag Rosenqvist and Aaron Martin make beautiful, melodic soundscapes unconcerned with genre signifiers like modern classical, post-rock, electro-acoustic, etc. Their new album, Hymn Binding, finds power in transformative repetition, emotional melody and patience.
There are no huge crescendos or choruses, but the loop-oriented song structures seem to be more about the beauty in the moment than the destination. It's not aimless floating — there is gentle direction to this music — but it doesn't rush or announce itself too forcefully. Their experience scoring film shows here.
A plethora of acoustic instruments (strings, keys and more) add warmth and beauty. Electronic manipulation also plays an important role here, but the musical landscape never deteriorates into sheer noise, either; there's always a taste of the original acoustic sound or another while any electronic processing is going on. The slide guitar in the second half of "The First to Forgive" is an instrumental highlight that soars over the more smoothly blended static/wind noise.
"Risen, Darkened" features the most subtle build over its first four minutes, so that when that first piano note strikes, it's impactful. The second half also features the first drum sounds on the record, almost building into Sigur Rós-ish territory, but dissipating before that.
With their subtle textures and diatonic melodies, From the Mouth of the Sun create beautiful, if unobtrusive, music. Some may find it too erudite and pretty to be really captivating, but for those seeking relaxation, this might be the warm bath you're looking for. (Lost Tribe Sound)