Frankie Cosmos "Art School" (video)

Frankie Cosmos 'Art School' (video)
Frankie Cosmos singer Greta Kline has outed herself as a Belieber in the band's new video for "Art School."

The track comes from this year's Exclaim!-approved Zentropy, while the video seems to have come from the mind of a crazed tween. Kline expresses her obsession with Justin Bieber, dancing to YouTube videos and plastering her walls with the pop star's face.

There are even some clay figurines with Kline and Bieber's faces stuck on them that are used to demonstrate what she'd like to do to him. It all comes to an end when a tuckered out Kline collapses onto her bed — where there's a pillow case with the Biebs' face on it waiting for her, obviously.

Zentropy is out now via Double Double Whammy and you can check out the clip for "Art School" below.