Donovan Beat Café

Man, what a bummer. The psych-folk shtick Donovan explored during his glory years finally becomes fashionable again, and he’s away making jazzy beats set to a new Boy George-esque look. Donovan couldn’t be more off the mark with this one, his first effort in eight years, since Rick Rubin unsuccessfully attempted to do for the Sunshine Superman what he did for the Man in Black. So Beat Café has a nicely beefed-up sound that’s heavy on the jazz bass and brushed hi-hats, while Donovan’s voice is still as elfin and gentle as ever, but, as was often the problem with his early work, the main concern of his lyrics seems to be luring clueless hippie girls into his bed. Just check out "Yin My Yang”: "You yin my yang / I’ll yang your yin / You be for me / Sweet fantasy.” What reply is he looking for with a come on like that? "OK Donovan, I’ll be right over. Just make sure you’re wearing that poncho that makes you look so sexy.” As if! (Appleseed)