Devours Unveils New Double Album 'Escape from Planet Devours'

Hear the Vancouver artist's new track "Exposure"
Devours Unveils New Double Album 'Escape from Planet Devours'
Early this year, Devours came charging back into our lives with a pair of tracks. Now the Vancouver artist born Jeff Cancade has revealed they are part of a much larger project.

Today Devours has announced the project will hit us with its third studio effort, and it's arriving as a full-on double album. The record is called Escape from Planet Devours and is due out on May 14 via Cancade's own newly launched label surviving the game.

Of Escape from Planet Devours, Cancade has offered the following:

The album is inspired by mid 90's action blockbusters, such as Speed, True Lies and Die Hard with a Vengeance. I didn't have any gay action stars to look up to when I was growing up, so I transformed into one for this album. Both albums are about escaping — from masculinity, impossible beauty standards, heteronormativity, depression, toxic relationships and the hopelessness of being a musician in Vancouver. My personal and professional life completely fell apart over the past few years, and this album is about fighting like hell to stay alive and make a better life for myself. 

Right now, you can hear the album's newly shared track "Exposure" down below, where you'll also find the record's tracklist.

Cancade's most recent effort was his 2020 album as the Golden Age of Wrestling. He also recently showed off his keen fashion sense to Exclaim!

Escape from Planet Devours:


1. Poltergeist
2. Lightning at Your Funeral
3. Nomi's Got Heat
4. Dick Disciple
5. Exposure
6. B__E__T__A (Scientology Remix)
7. Grape Crush


1. Yoshi's Revenge
2. Feckless Abandon
3. Two Kids
4. Memoirs of a Stretch Hummer
5. Theme from Drifters (1976)
6. Escape from Planet Devours
7. Death Is a B-Side

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