Devours Takes Us on a Psychedelic Interdimensional Adventure in "Garnet Graves" Video

The clip is the latest from the Vancouver artist's 'Iconoclast' album
Devours Takes Us on a Psychedelic Interdimensional Adventure in 'Garnet Graves' Video
Vancouver's Devours is re-releasing his sophomore record Iconoclast on cassette this week, and to celebrate, the punky pop artist has released a brand new music video for the record's "Garnet Graves."

The video — animated and directed by Flavourcel Collective — took about a dozen animators to complete. The collective contrast the bleaker themes of the song with colourful explosions and amorphous shapes set on an ever-changing background.

As Devours explains, "Despite the song touching on themes such as aging and negative body image, I wanted them to interpret the song's meaning on their own."

With that in mind, Flavourcel offered the following statement about the resulting visuals:

The twisting, neon discomfort of body parts pulsates and trembles from the depths of the deepest ocean up to the cold and unforgiving vastness of space. Bones and tendons with their own agenda dislocate from Devours' earthly queer vessel. A hand becomes the new building block of the universe; evolving from single cell, to fish, to mammal. Devours brings the genesis of a strange new planet of beard-based lifeforms.

Watch the video for "Garnet Graves" below.

The video for "Garnet Graves" follows that of "Gimp Mask" and "Curmudgeon" from Iconoclast.

Iconoclast is out now on Artoffact Records. It follows Devours' 2016 debut album Late Bloomer.