Dave Grohl's Drum Challenger Sets Her Sights on Muse's "Hysteria"

Nandi Bushell is back and ready to take on more rock legends
Dave Grohl's Drum Challenger Sets Her Sights on Muse's 'Hysteria'
After claiming victory against Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in their long-running drum-off challenge, 10-year-old music prodigy Nandi Bushell has set her sights on Muse's catalogue — and the band approves.

Performing "Hysteria" on both drums and bass, Bushell has once again proven her chops as one of rock history's littlest contenders. 

"Ever since I jammed 'Hysteria' by Muse on drums I wanted to learn the bass line too as it's so so #awesome!" Nandi wrote in a tweet. "It is the HARDEST bass line I have ever learned. I had to concentrate A LOT!"

Bushell's latest clip caught Muse's eye earlier today, and they didn't hesitate to cheer her on.

"Absolutely killed it again," they wrote. "So much talent."

Over the summer, Grohl accepted Bushell's drum-off challenge after she impressed the Foo frontman and fans alike with her cover of "Everlong." Bushell's beatkeeping took round one honours, then Grohl returned with a second-round surprise. After a flex-off between the two, Grohl eventually conceded in November.

After mastering the tunes of her favourite rock legends, Bushell recorded a song of her own titled "Gods and Unicorns," which saw release earlier this month. You can listen to that here.

See Bushell's exchange with Muse below