Daughn Gibson Returns with 'Carnation,' Shares New Track

Daughn Gibson Returns with 'Carnation,' Shares New Track
Former Pearls and Brass drummer Daughn Gibson has launched a solo career as a rugged-voiced singer-songwriter in recent years, and he's now preparing to release his third album under his own name. The record is called Carnation, and it will be out in North America on June 2 through Sub Pop.

Gibson self-produced the album along with Earth/Sunn O))) studio guru Randall Dunn at Seattle, WA's Avast Studios. Former Pearl Jam member (and esteemed session man) Matt Chamberlain played drums, while other players contributed instruments like strings, horns and pedal steel.

A press release notes that Gibson's country leanings are less prominent here than on past records, and they're replaced by "ambient textures" and a more "filmic" style. The announcement describes the vibe like this: "Shot through with a deep sensuality, Carnation is a high-wire balancing act, at times sexual, emotionally intense and comforting."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear "Shatter You Through," which matches Gibson's deep croon to a smooth, nocturnal pop swagger.

Those who pre-order the vinyl from Sub Pop's online store will get the so-called "Loser Edition" on white, black and blue swirled vinyl (while supplies last).


1. Bled to Death
2. Heaven You Better Come In
3. Shatter You Through
4. For Every Bite
5. Daddy I Cut My Hair
6. A Rope Ain't Enough
7. I Let Him Deal
8. Shine of the Night
9. Runaway and the Pyro
10. It Wants Everything
11. Back With the Family