Daniel Romano's Outfit Sweep the Mean Streets with New Single "Nocturne Child"

It's the first tease of their upcoming studio album 'Cobra Poems'
Daniel Romano's Outfit Sweep the Mean Streets with New Single 'Nocturne Child'
Last month, Daniel Romano's Outfit surprised us with both a live album-drop and actually announcing their next studio effort in advance. Cobra Poems is due out on September 10, and now they've released the first single "Nocturne Child" with a video to match.

Cobra Poems was recorded in December 2020 at the band's Camera Varda studio in Welland, ON, which is also the album's namesake. It follows June's Fully Plugged In, and will be Romano's fifth album of 2021 after his solo LP Kissing the Foe and two releases via ambient project varianza. If "Nocturne Child" is any indication, Cobra Poems will be a punch of nostalgic psych rock with ample opportunities for clapping along.

Instead of a statement about the single, Romano had a cryptic poem to offer:

What is a secret, what is a dream?
What is the truth and the in-between?
Outfit is cryptic, Outfit is shifty,
Outfit is shrouded in mystery.
Bring us wisdom, private seeds
bring us paintings, bring us sight,
bring us fruits and jewelry
Bring us the children of the night.

In the video, the Outfit is a street gang of Robin Hood-type do-gooders. They walk around clad in leather and carrying bats, looking all intimidating before proceeding to break up a fight, recycle some trash and even deliver a baby. It all culminates in a friendly late-night game of baseball. Look out, Mystery Incorporated — there's a new gang of meddling kids in town and we're pretty sure they'll add "solving mysteries" to their repertoire in no time.

Watch the video for "Nocturne Child" below, and check out the tracklist for Cobra Poems, which will arrive via You've Changed.

Cobra Poems:

1. Tragic Head
2. Even in the Loom of a Caress
3. Nocturne Child
4. The Motions
5. Holy Trumpeteer
6. Animals Above Our Town
7. Tears Through a Sunrise
8. Baby If We Stick It Out
9. Still Dreaming
10. Camera Varda

Pre-order Cobra Poems.