Cyndi Lauper Rallies Against Montreal Pit Bull Ban

Cyndi Lauper Rallies Against Montreal Pit Bull Ban
Pop singer and dog lover Cyndi Lauper has weighed in on Montreal's controversial decision to ban pit bulls, calling it "a sad day" in Montreal.

Lauper discussed the city council move, which was announced earlier in the week, through her Facebook account and criticized the decision. She questioned why people are "blaming a breed" rather than targeting ownership practices, and noted that there are breeds of dogs just as "vicious" as pit bulls that aren't put under as much scrutiny.

Calling the move "unjust," she posted a link for a petition titled "My Montreal includes all dogs" and suggested animal lovers sign it.

Montreal city council voted 37-23 in favour of the bylaw on Tuesday (September 27). As of next week, the city will enforce a ban on the new ownership of pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs. Restrictions will be placed on existing pit bulls in the area, including required sterilization and mandatory muzzling in public.

The law had been drafted following several dog attacks in the area, including a high-profile June death of 55-year-old Christiane Vadnais in her backyard. While initially proposed to go into effect in 2018, the ban was pushed through council following recent attacks.

In addition to Lauper, the ban has been met by protest from pit bull owners, the Montreal SPCA, the Humane Society International/Canada and more.