​CupcakKe Swims to Bikini Bottom in "Squidward Nose" Video

​CupcakKe Swims to Bikini Bottom in 'Squidward Nose' Video
Last month, CupcakKe incorporated a beloved SpongeBob SquarePants character into a not-so-kid-friendly track called "Squidward Nose." Now, the raunchy tune has been given the music video treatment.
The clip was directed by Logan Fields, and it stars CupcakKe as a mermaid, alongside actor/comedian John Early (who plays a fisherman with an interesting choice of lure, as well as a fish-loving scuba diver).
As the rapper delivers each hook of, "His dick smaller than my toes / I'd rather ride Squidward's nose," the phallic imagery in the ocean only seems to grow more prominent.
Forget the eggplant — when will Apple release a sea anemone emoji?
Watch the video for "Squidward Nose" below.