CupcakKe Says She Signed an $8 Million Deal

"God is soooooooooooooo good"
CupcakKe Says She Signed an $8 Million Deal
CupcakKe has revealed that she just signed an $8 million deal.
While it's unclear exactly what kind of deal she signed or with who, it seems like a promising step for fans craving new material from CupcakKe. Back in September, the rapper claimed that she was quitting music and removing all of her releases from streaming platforms.
The rapper has a history of erratic online behaviour, having published suicidal tweets at the start of this year. She was subsequently hospitalized.
In September, she also attacked Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes on Twitter, claiming that the former was racist and that she slept with the latter. So far, one of those things has been proven.
Her social media accounts were wiped clean following the diatribes, but CupcakKe has since returned to show off a slimmer figure, a new tattoo and a bag full of cash to give away to a fan.

CupcakKe's recent singles include "Bird Box," "Ayesha" and "Whoregasm."

Stay tuned to see if she'll return to the rap game soon.