CupcakKe Lays into Tory Lanez on "Elephant"

She also took the opportunity to chirp on the Grammys, Karens and racists
CupcakKe Lays into Tory Lanez on 'Elephant'
CupcakKe has delivered yet another fiery new single. The latest, "Elephant," is her fourth standalone of the year so far.

Without a chorus or any hook to speak of, the Chicago rapper still manages to go all the way off on the track, dragging racist Karens and the Grammys for snubbing Nicki Minaj, as well as recently indicted Tory Lanez for, uh, being short. 

"N***** get a haircut and a Gucci belt / They all wanna flex in they shitty clothes / Whole time, money shorter than Tory Lanez on his tippy toes," she raps.

The single's release follows this summer's "Discounts," her Minnesota Freedom Fund-benefit track, "Lemon Pepper" in response to the killing of George Floyd and her guest feature on pop artist MkX's "Down."

Back in March, the Chicago rapper returned from retirement with "Lawd Jesus." Her most recent full-length album was 2018's Eden. So far, she has yet to announce a follow-up.

Listen to "Elephant" below.