Coldplay Launch Cryptic "Alien Radio FM," Hint at "Higher Power" Release

What does it all mean?
Coldplay Launch Cryptic 'Alien Radio FM,' Hint at 'Higher Power' Release
Photo: Rick Clifford
Coldplay are hinting at a new project. They just launched something called "Alien Radio FM," which, according to sleuths, is hinting at a new release called "Higher Power" or May 7.

At this point, it's not totally clear what it means, but the website is full of cryptic cyphers and mysterious faux radio signals. The same cyphers have been appearing in ads around the world, and, according to sleuthing fans, they translate to say "COLDPLAY HIGHER POWER MAY SEVEN."
The alienradio.fam site launched on April 18, but it wasn't until today that Coldplay officially confirmed they were behind the campaign. This morning, they tweeted out the campaign, and rebranded their socials to match it.
So what does it all mean? Presumably we'll find out on May 7; it seems likely that "Higher Power" is the name of a new single (or possibly an album). It's not clear if "Alien Radio" is the name of the album, or simply clever branding for the campaign.

UPDATE (4/29, 12 p.m. ET): Solving at least part of the mystery, Coldplay have confirmed they will be releasing the new song "Higher Power" on May 7. You can see their tweet below.

Assuming this is building up to an album, it will be Coldplay's ninth. Their eighth album, Everyday Life, came out back in 2018.