Carey Mercer's Blackout Beach Releases Live at the Orange Hall

Carey Mercer's Blackout Beach Releases <i>Live at the Orange Hall</i>
Carey Mercer is an eccentric man of many hats. When not leading his long-running carnival rock outfit Frog Eyes , he's either putting in time with Canuck supergroup Swan Lake (with Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug and Destroyer head Dan Bejar) or dabbling with the excellent and moody Blackout Beach, whose 2009 album Skin of Evil was a brilliantly damaged, minimalist collection that rivalled the songwriter's best work.

For whatever reason, Blackout Beach has been extremely low-key, having only played one show last summer. Luckily, the performance was recorded and is now being offered up by Mercer on the group's Bandcamp page.

The document, Live at the Orange Hall, was recorded at Victoria, BC's Orange Hall last summer. While Mercer says the show took place last August, a YouTube clip of "Cloud of Evil" appears to have been posted at the end of July. Mysterious.

The collection features a number of Skin of Evil tracks, but also features "Claxxon's Lament," which appeared on an early seven-inch, and a new take on Frog Eyes tune "Bushels." You can check out the full tracklisting below.

Here's what Mercer had to say about the group's only performance:

I read some poems and stories. My mom did the door, and my dad was the bouncer. My friends came. It was a nice night.

It's unclear if the project has plans to play in the future.

Live at the Orange Hall:

1. "Claxxon's Lament"
2. "Biloxi, in a Grove, Cleans Out His Eyes" 3. "The Whistle"
4. "Sophia, Donna, I Was Down the River Waiting"
5. "Cloud of Evil"
6. "Bushels (live)"
7. "A Latex Ice Age"