Bruce Springsteen Teases "Lost Albums" for New Archival Box Set

The Boss says "there's a lot of really good music left"
Bruce Springsteen Teases 'Lost Albums' for New Archival Box Set
Bruce Springsteen is just over a month away from sharing new album Letter to You, which includes three songs dating back to the 1970s. In sharing how he unearthed those tracks from the vault, Springsteen has now confirmed that a forthcoming archival box set will contain even more surprises.

In a new Rolling Stone profile, Springsteen explains how he has "a lot of projects" in the works, including a follow-up to his 1998 box set Tracks. While he chose the trio of songs for Letter to You from combing through his archive, the Boss also teased the possibility of "lost albums":

He's got "a lot of projects" in the works, including all of that work on his archives, which include various full "lost albums" along with more scattered outtakes...Some of these songs will appear on a second volume of Tracks, some perhaps in other formats. "There's a lot of really good music left," Springsteen says, noting that he enjoys collaborating with his former selves. "You just go back there. It's not that hard. If I pull out something from 1980, or 1985, or 1970, it's amazing how you can slip into that voice. It's just sort of a headspace. All of those voices remain available to me, if I want to go to them.

The feature adds that E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg has been working to "overdub at least 40 old songs 'in all different styles' over the past three years," with the beatkeeper noting, "Any other artist would kill to get these songs."

The four-disc Tracks compiled never-before-released songs, alternate versions and demos of material from across Springsteen's catalogue. The collection was subsequently condensed to a single release dubbed 18 Tracks, which was reissued on vinyl earlier this year.

Letter to You arrives October 23 via Columbia, and you can read Rolling Stone's entire profile here.