​Braids Work Towards "Healthy Reconciliation" with Former Bandmate Katie Lee

The band have participated in workshops about "intersectionality, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and the dynamics of power and privilege"
​Braids Work Towards 'Healthy Reconciliation' with Former Bandmate Katie Lee
Braids have returned to social media following a lengthy hiatus due to a public argument with their former bandmate Katie Lee.
In an Instagram post, Braids — now made up of Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith — acknowledged that the social media break was out of respect for Lee's request.
Also at Lee's request, the band attended a series of workshops run by mediators "versed in intersectionality, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and the dynamics of power and privilege."
The message goes on to say that with the help of the mediators, Braids and Lee are "currently working towards a healthy reconciliation."
"We would like to again apologize to our former bandmate, and thank her for allowing us the space and time to better understand her experience," they added.
See the full message below.

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The bad blood between the former bandmates became public after Standell-Preston wrote an op-ed about Steel Panther's sexist "Pussy Melter" guitar pedal last year; Lee responded to the article, calling it "incredibly infuriating" and criticizing the "performative allyship."
She went on to speak out about being mistreated by the band in the wake of her departure, arguing that her voice was silenced by the other members and that she was not fairly credited or compensated for her contributions to the band's second album.
Lee suggested Braids take a break from social media, attend anti-oppression workshops and take the time to listen to black and indigenous people of colour before claiming to support them.
Standell-Preston shared Lee's response and publicly apologized.