Boy George Announces Culture Club Reunion

Boy George Announces Culture Club Reunion
Though Boy George is currently gearing up for the release of his new album, Ordinary Alien, next week, fans of the '80s pop singer are a little more excited about his plans to reunite Culture Club next year. Following the promotion cycle for his latest solo disc, the man born George O'Dowd will reunite with his old bandmates in 2012 to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a "huge worldwide tour."

"We are getting back together," O'Dowd confirmed in a BBC interview. While the singer will be promoting his new disc, he will also be performing as part of the retro-minded '80s pop music package tour Here and Now. Doing these shows led him to ponder getting the old band together. "It's kind of a precursor for what I'm doing with Culture Club in 2012," he said. "We'll be doing a proper, huge, worldwide tour and a new album."

This isn't the first time Culture Club have reunited; the group briefly got back together in 2001. A less successful grab at the spotlight in 2006 found bassist Mikey Craig and drummer Jon Moss announcing a tour, but all dates were scrapped after Boy George refused to participate. The band briefly toyed around with the idea of getting a new singer, but unsurprisingly, they couldn't find anyone to fill the icon's shoes.

"To me, the mark of a good band is when someone else can't successfully sing their songs, and [someone else] can't sing my songs," George said in an earlier interview. "They're my gay love songs about my boyfriend."

While it's too far off to have any proper Culture Club gigs to report, you can check out a list of upcoming Boy George solo gigs here.