Blue Hawaii Return with New Album 'Open Reduction Internal Fixation'

Hear the record's newly shared track "All That Blue"
Blue Hawaii Return with New Album 'Open Reduction Internal Fixation'
Blue Hawaii are returning with a new studio album. The record is titled Open Reduction Internal Fixation, and it will arrive on October 11 via Arbutus. Right now, though, you can check out the first teaser track "All That Blue."

The album marks the first from the duo — comprising Braids' Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex "Agor" Kerby — since they delivered Tenderness in 2017. Overall, it's the fourth album from Blue Hawaii.

According to a press release, the new album was recorded in Berlin and Montreal, with the title coming in honour of a foot operation Kerby underwent for his heel.

The press release explains the following:

Blue Hawaii have been recording and releasing music for almost a decade. You would think it'd be clockwork by now, but their fourth record, Open Reduction Internal Fixation, has proved to be anything but. Spanning genres as diverse as trance, acoustic, U.K. garage, trip-hop and house, its core elements are lighthearted and groovy. But oddly, Open Reduction Internal Fixation was born out of unfortunate circumstance. The duo were scheduled to tour through Southeast Asia & Japan in Autumn '18 but plans changed suddenly when Agor smashed up his heel in Germany. Instead of the tour, he came back to Montreal for treatment — hence the title — Open Reduction Internal Fixation, the foot surgery he received.

Ra was going through her own challenges at this time, being on the heel end of a messy breakup — the kind where you almost get married and spend your life together only to find everything torched to ashes. Much like the surgery, that emotional rollercoaster also left her feeling torn open and fixated. The remedy: hit the club and make a record that makes you scream in joy at the speakers. Agor and Ra connected during their recovery periods, and through their different pains the tunes came together naturally, a healing through fun and friendship. Tied together with signature diva vocals, dreamy tones and liquid beats,
Open Reduction Internal Fixation is the living proof of turning a bummer situation into a golden opportunity.

See the album art above and the tracklist below, where you'll also find "All That Blue."

Open Reduction Internal Fixation:

1. All The Things
2. Still I Miss U
3. All That Blue
4. Sparkle
5. On A High
6. Trust
7. Boileau
8. Can We Go Back