Blink-182 Are About to Release a New Song Called "Quarantine"

Blink-182 Are About to Release a New Song Called 'Quarantine'
Blink-182 have already released a near-insurmountable number of songs, but the band are far from done. Instead, they've already got yet another track set to drop in the coming weeks, and based on its title, the song is extremely topical.

Drummer Travis Barker recently completed an interview with Spin where he discussed the myriad projects he has on the go, including a new Blink song called "Quarantine."

"I'm spoiled," he said. "This week, Brian Lee and I produced a Blink song and recorded it. Finished three jxdn songs; finished an acoustic MGK song and reworked three other songs on the album; played on a Yungblud song; co-produced and played drums on a Steve Aoki song featuring Trevor Daniels and MGK. So it's my dream job."

As for the new Blink material, he said "Quarantine" would be out in the coming weeks. "We actually have a song called 'Quarantine' that will be out in the next two weeks," he explained. "Really excited about it."

Frontman Mark Hoppus also offered a recent update, admitting that he was working on the band's 10th LP.