Black Label Society Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned

Get out the beer (lots of it, preferably), because here comes Zakk Wylde and his gang of all-American metalheads for a visual feast of cuss words, raised middle fingers and down-home Black Sabbath worship. Although this DVD does increase respect for Wylde's no bullshit tunes, i the songs are still pretty boring. But hey, just look at all these drunken BLS fans proving me wrong, banging their heads to the 12 live songs on this disc, then no doubt buying the DVD and drinking more beer while watching the fun bonus material on it. The highlights include the Rob Zombie-directed video for "Stillborn" and a cool acoustic set. And then there's the unbearable stomach-churner of Wylde performing the U.S. national anthem. This is a fun DVD that really drives home the fact that this is respectable and true metal, but the songs still inspire a lot of snoozin'. Plus: promo video, guitar lesson, interview, home video footage, extra live songs. (Spitfire/Eagle Vision)