Are You Bored Enough to Try the #NickelbackRiffChallenge?

Are You Bored Enough to Try the #NickelbackRiffChallenge?
As more and more of the world population is affected by the coronavirus, people are finding new and strange ways to entertain themselves while physically distancing themselves at home. The latest hashtag challenge might not appeal to everyone at first, but we strongly recommend you try it out — the #NickelbackRiffChallenge.

The rules for this project are simple: "Pick a Nickelback riff and play it. One take, no revisions."

The project was hyped up to fans by Chad Kroeger and The Guy from Nickelback Who Isn't Chad Kroeger, both dressed like Old Navy models in their respective home studios.
Honestly, even if you're one of those basics who still pretends to hate Nickelback, hearing their riffs out of context only solidifies how much these boys can shred.

And the fans certainly obliged. Watch some videos of the #NickelbackRiffChallenge below.