Animal Collective's Avey Tare Details 'Eucalyptus' LP

It's described as "an electroacoustic movement through leaves, rocks and dust"
Animal Collective's Avey Tare Details 'Eucalyptus' LP
After getting listeners to Enter the Slasher House back in 2014, Avey Tare is set to go it alone for his first proper solo LP since 2010. Titled Eucalyptus, the Animal Collective member's new disc will arrive on July 21 through Domino.

Fifteen tracks in length, Eucalyptus was written and produced by Tare and recorded by his Animal Collective bandmate Deakin (Josh Dibb). The record also features contributions from Angel Deradoorian and Jessika Kenney, in addition to chamber orchestration from Eyvind Kang.

A press release notes the album is "recommended listening for dawn or dusk. An electroacoustic movement through leaves, rocks and dust. Written on sunlit bedroom afternoon in Los Angeles, practiced in the dark early hours of the California twilight, and slept on under Big Sur skies."

Eucalyptus is available to pre-order here. A deluxe double-LP edition will bring together the record on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl and a 16-page lyric booklet featuring marbled artwork by Paige Cleveland of Rule of Three Studio.

Read through the album's tracklisting below, and head to Tare's website for some music snippets and a puzzle game.


1. Season High
2. Melody Unfair
3. Ms. Secret
4. Lunch Out of Order Pt. 1
5. Lunch Out of Order Pt. 2
6. Jackson 5
7. DR aw one for J
8. PJ
9. In Pieces
10. Selection of A Place
11. Boat Race
12. Roamer
13. Coral Lords
14. Sports In July
15. When You Left Me