'The Simpsons' Parodied 'Stranger Things' for Its 666th Episode

The latest 'Treehouse of Horror' takes things to the Upside Down
'The Simpsons' Parodied 'Stranger Things' for Its 666th Episode
With Halloween just around the corner, it's something of a spooky coincidence that The Simpsons aired its 666th episode yesterday (October 20). To celebrate the season, the show's latest Treehouse of Horror special spoofed the world of Stranger Things.

The Duffer Brothers series was the focus of one of the episode's storylines, with Lisa Simpson stepping into the role of Eleven, Kirk Van Houten playing Joyce Byers and more. 

You can find some clips from the episode below. For those outside Canada, the spoof can be watched here.

Earlier this year, Groening confirmed that the Simpsons would be coming back to the big screen.