​Steven Spielberg's Daughter Goes Into Adult Entertainment

Mikaela Spielberg is delving into erotica, porn videos and dancing
​Steven Spielberg's Daughter Goes Into Adult Entertainment
Steven Spielberg's daughter is following her famous father's footsteps and entering the world of entertainment — adult entertainment, that is.
Mikaela Spielberg, 23, who was adopted as a baby by the filmmaker and his wife Kate Capshaw, has revealed that her entertainment name will be Sugar Star.
She plans to obtain her sex worker licence in Tennessee, where she lives and self-produces porn videos. She's also open to working as a dancer at a strip club and doing personalized fetish videos.
Spielberg had previously released a string of videos on PornHub, but she opted to take them down until her licence is approved to keep everything "legitimate and above board."
In an interview with the Sun, she elaborated on her career choice, saying that her parents are "intrigued" by her decision but "not upset."
"I'm doing this, not out of an urge to hurt anybody or be spiteful about it, I'm doing this because I want to honour my body in a way that's lucrative," she said. "I actually think that once they see how far I've come from the bottom I was at a year and a half ago, they're going to look at this and go, 'Wow, we actually raised are really self-assured, young lady.'"
She continued: "I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body. And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn't satisfying my soul. I feel like doing this kind of work, I'm able to 'satisfy' other people, but that feels good because it's not in a way that makes me feel violated."
Spielberg also specified that her videos would focus on solo performance rather than engaging in any sexual behaviour with another onscreen partner out of respect for her fiancé, 47-year-old Chuck Pankow.
Read her full interview with the Sun.
You can follow Spielberg's career via her Instagram page — but be warned, it's 18+ and private.