Here's Who Will Be at "Degrassi Palooza" This Weekend

Here's Who Will Be at 'Degrassi Palooza' This Weekend
The old gang from Degrassi is getting together for a high school reunion dubbed "Degrassi Palooza" this weekend hosted by Joey Jeremiah actor Pat Mastroianni, and now we know which of the show's stars will be attending the Toronto event.
As previously reported, Mastroianni will be hosting "Degrassi Palooza," and the updated list of attendees is lengthy, to say the least.

Among the Degrassi stars attending will be Stefan Brogren (Snake), Amanda Stepto (Spike), Kristen Bourne Kelly (Tessa Campanelli), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), Nicole Stoffman (Stephanie Kaye), Rebecca Haines-Saah (Kathleen Mead), Dayo Ade (B.L.T.), Maureen McKay (Michelle), Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch), Michelle Goodeve (Ms. Avery), Chris Erodotos (Diana), Cathy Keenan (Liz), Maureen and Angela Deiseach (Heather and Erika Farrell), Siluck Saysanasy (Yick Yu), Jacy Hunter (Amy Holmes), Niki Kemeny (Voula), Darrin Brown (Dwayne), Arlene Lott (Nancy), and David Parcells (Claude).
Members of the creative team — including Kit Hood, Jusy Shiner, Yan Moore and Kathryn Ellis — will also attend the weekend-long event.
There will be panels, seminars, screenings, Q&A's, cosplay contests, trivia, cast meet and greets, and an '80s video/karaoke party.

"Normally, a high school reunion is tedious, and you really don't want to go," Mastroianni told the Canadian Press. "For many of our socially awkward fans ... this is the high school reunion they want to go to."
The event "is not affiliated with the production company or the rights-holder. The three-day event runs today through Sunday (June 16) at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel.
For full details and tickets, check out the official event website.