​Greta Gerwig Ate All the Soup at the Golden Globes

​Greta Gerwig Ate All the Soup at the Golden Globes
Greta Gerwig may have been snubbed in the Best Director category at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (January 5), but she certainly cleaned up in the soup department.
The Little Women director appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (January 7) to discuss the film and her time at the Globes — which apparently involved eating a lot of soup.
Gerwig was pictured being one of the first attendees to take her seat at the ceremony, as her partner Noah Baumbach (who was nominated for Marriage Story) was doing press on the red carpet.
"I sat there alone, and had a wonderful plant-based meal and ate so many people's soups," she said. "They were going to take them away before people arrived, and I was like 'I gotta eat all this soup.' So I ate a lot of soup."
Kimmel asked her what kind of soup it was, to which Gerwig responded, "It was like a butternut squash thing. It was like something Harold [her nine-month-old son] eats."
Watch the hilarious anecdote below.