The Strokes "Threat of Joy" (video)

The Strokes 'Threat of Joy' (video)
The Strokes recently returned with an EP titled Future Present Past, marking their first release as a band since 2013's Comedown Machine. Following a lyric video for "Drag Queen," they've shared a new clip for "Threat of Joy."
The Warren Fu-directed piece opens with a dramatic scene announcing stolen footage from the "Oblivius" shoot, leaving the band to instead veer into a video for "Threat of Joy." What seems like a straightforward performance clip gets infiltrated by special teams in search of the missing reels, then rollerblading dancers and disco lights. From there, it only gets weirder with the camera capturing the band at masquerade balls and psychedelic cult-like dance gatherings.
Get lost in the plot by giving "Threat of Joy" a watch in the player below.
Future Present Past is out now on Cult Records.