Staasia Daniels Whatever Happens, Happens

Staasia Daniels Whatever Happens, Happens
"I'm just tired of overthinking, you know. Overthinking kills a lot of things."
As Staasia Daniels continues to impress and build her discography — 2018 EP Mood Roulette was sharp, 2016's Hidden Gems was eye-opening and the smattering of independent singles and videos in-between ("Peanut Butter," "Never Fade") have established credibility — her latest six-track EP, Whatever Happens Happens, sees the Toronto singer-songwriter in a place where career aspirations and progression are valid questions.
Daniels appears to be in a carefree mindset, however, content on passionately creating music and seeing where things go from there. Not that she isn't being proactive about being successful: the emotional braggadocio and heft of "Drench," and the meditative, reflexive mode of "Grow," reflect a maturing, self-aware artist. The texture of bedroom production — writing, recording, mixing — sets the tone and a level of accessibility and intimacy, as the breathy, undulating electronics maintain a rough-edged, yet vulnerable, flavour of R&B.
Daniels' songwriting continues to evolve: a complex, ambitious track like "Inconsistency" goes in on emotional availability ("Now I gotta go fix my heart again") and switches things up mid-song with percussive chants and a relationship post-mortem." This vibe continues on "Privilege," an assessment on emotional entanglement and fallout. Staasia Daniels continues to grow and evolve and hopes her growing following will be along for the journey, no matter where the road may go. (Independent)