The Skeletones Four "Empty Eyes"

The Skeletones Four 'Empty Eyes'
Hot on the heels of their self-titled debut record/career retrospective, AAAAAHHH!!!, the Skeletones Four have been woodshedding some new material, including this live crowd-pleaser, "Empty Eyes."

The brainchild of the newly Toronto-based Andrew Collins, the S4 are a hypnotic rock'n'roll band whose prog-y leanings are propelled by airtight post-punk rhythmic precision. At the same time, a vague classic rock-inspired psychedelia infiltrates both their soul-inspired pop ballads and their full-on guitar freak-outs, making the Skeletones Four the most fascinating young band in southern Ontario.

Captured live on video at the Wellington Centre for the Performing Arts in Orangeville, Ontario by one Jimmy Webster earlier this summer, "Empty Eyes" is a great primer for those just discovering the quartet. The gritty clip captures their impassioned power, while also revealing the fragile-yet-earnest heart (no lyrical pun intended) driving their darkly revealing songs. Loose but determined, "Empty Eyes" is just a great new song by the Skeletones Four.

Watch the Skeletones Four perform "Empty Eyes," here.