Pussy Riot "Refugees In" (video shot at Banksy's Dismaland)

Pussy Riot 'Refugees In' (video shot at Banksy's Dismaland)
Staunchly political art punk act Pussy Riot have shared a video for a new song called "Refugees In." Directed by Ralf Schmerberg, the clip was shot during the band's performance at Banksy's Dismaland.

It includes a great deal of blurry, fast-cut shots and frankly it'll be hard to piece together much of what's going on based on the video alone. Fortunately, the band also issued a statement, explaining their take on the current refugee crisis:

ISIS will win if Europe rejects the value of multi-culturalism and is terrified by the threats of extreme-right politicians. When Europe closes its borders, it will tumble back to the previous century; the era of nationalism. If Europe closes the borders hundreds of thousands of Muslims, putting on the line everything they have to escape radical Muslim state, will never be able to see another world. Some of them will join that very ISIS, being embittered and disappointed in the good will of European states. We should accept and save those who flee countries occupied by terrorists. The time of grief for the dead should not become a time in which we betray the belief of millions in the humanity of the European world. Our grief should not teach us to aim for revenge, war and hate. It should teach us to help and show real compassion for each other.

Pussy Riot is now recording several pieces of music, the main idea is to oppose the right-wing conservative curtain that seems to be falling globally, no longer just affecting Russia but countries across Europe and the US. Neo–facist parties in Europe, Donald Trump in the US, the rise of Germany's AfD; it's fucking scary. And it's the reason and it's the time to be loud and proud of your feminist, LGBTQ and pro-refugees values.

Watch the video for "Refugees In" below [via Noisey].