Pussy Riot "CHAIKA" (prod. by Dave Sitek) (video)

Pussy Riot 'CHAIKA' (prod. by Dave Sitek) (video)
For their latest track, political art punk act Pussy Riot have enlisted TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek as producer. The resulting song "CHAIKA" has arrived today alongside a new video.

The song plays out almost like a rap track, and its accompanying video is one of Pussy Riot's most slick-looking yet. That's not to say they've lost their political edge — the song is all about notorious Russian General Prosecutor Yuri Chaika, who was recently linked to a violent gang. 

"Pussy Riot's clip is inspired by the biggest political story in Russia — the recently uncovered bloody criminal connections and unbelievable corruption of Russia's top law enforcement official — the General Prosecutor Yuri Chaika," the group write on YouTube. "Pussy Riot demands an immediate investigation against General Prosecutor Chaika and his family, as well as against all the top officials in his office."

Watch the video for "CHAIKA" below.