Phoenix "Chloroform" (video) (dir. by Sofia Coppola)

Phoenix 'Chloroform' (video) (dir. by Sofia Coppola)
Thomas Mars, the frontman for French indie pop suave-sters Phoenix, is married to acclaimed filmmaker Sofia Coppola, and the two have previously collaborated on everything from soundtracks to the creation of a human child. Now, the director has come on board to helm a video for the band's "Chloroform."

The stark clip sees Phoenix performing the mid-tempo track in a dark stage. Apparently, the slower tempo has gotten to both the audience and the camera operator — shot in slow-motion, the clip focuses on a group of women who are overcome with emotion, crying and even passing out due to the band's impossible smoothness.

Check out Coppola's video for "Chloroform" here courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art.