Pantera's Rex Brown Sets March Date for Memoir

Pantera's Rex Brown Sets March Date for Memoir
News broke a couple of years ago that former Pantera bassist Rex Brown was prepping his memoirs, but the book has now received its proper due date. Titled Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera, it's set to hit shelves March 12 via Da Capo Press.

A press release describes the tome as shedding "shocking personal insight into a band that had swapped the grimy clubs of Texas for arenas around the world but whose story would ultimately be touched by tragedy." 

Brown had joined Pantera in 1982, ahead of their hard rock-inspired 1983 debut Metal Magic. He recorded under the name Rex Rocker before switching to his real name for 1990's game-changing major label debut Cowboys from Hell.

A 2012 interview with [via Blabbermouth] had the four-stringer explaining that the book runs from those early days, to their metamorphosis into one of the '90s most dominant metal acts, to their bitter break-up and the tragic shooting death of guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott in 2004, to the present. Presumably, it'll also mention Brown's time with Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo's sludgey side-project Down and his current tenure in Kill Devil Hill.

"It's basically my tale of the Pantera years from my point of view. I was always the silent guy in the band. I never did interviews, so I was approached with this idea and I was down for it," Brown said. "It leads up to the breakup, Dime's death, and to now. There is only four people in that band that knew what was going on, so this will just be my interpretation of those years."

He also hinted that, having sifted through tons of stories and old photos, there could be more books to come. Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera was co-authored Mark Eglinton, a Scottish writer/journalist who had previously released James Hetfield: The Wolf at Metallica's Door in 2010.