Kode9 Details 'Nothing'

Kode9 Details 'Nothing'
Last month, we learned that Hyperdub head Kode9 (born Steve Goodman) was finally putting the finishing touches on his first release since 2011's Black SunNow, more details from the release have emerged.

Nothing marks the first time Kode9 will release a solo album, as all of his previous long form works have been collaborations with the Spaceape (born Stephen Samuel Gordon). Sadly, the Spaceape passed away last year.

That said, the Spaceape posthumously appears on the album's "Third Ear Transmission." Further, the album closes out with "Nothing Lasts Forever," a track made up of nine minutes of silence in his honour.

As for the rest of the LP, a press release promises "horror soundtracks, sampled library records and J-pop" along with "grime, early dubstep and Chicago footwork."

Nothing will arrive on November 5 via Hyperdub. Following its release, Kode9 has plans to tour with a live audio-visual setup next year, working alongside artist Lawrence Lek.


1. Zero Point Energy
2. Notel
3. Void
4. Holo
5. Third Ear Transmission (ft. the Spaceape)
6. Zero Work
7. Vacuum Packed
8. Wu Wei
9. Casimir Effect
10. Respirator
11. Mirage
12. Drones
13. Nothing Lasts Forever