Graf Orlock "Job Hunt"

Graf Orlock "Job Hunt"
In their seven-year run, Los Angeles grindcore quartet Graf Orlock have made a name for themselves by employing cinematic references in the lyrics and accompanying soundclips of all their releases. Following 2009's Destination Time Today (the third in a trilogy of Destination Time releases), the band are returning with a new EP called Doombox.

The EP track "Job Hunt" has been leaked, and as expected, it's a nice slab of movie fandom and maniacal grind. Opening with a clip from the movie Harsh Times, the track bursts out of the gates with intense dual vocals, start-and-stop dynamics and a mid-tempo breakdown, all in the course of one minute and 28 seconds.

Check out "Job Hunt" below.

Doombox will be released on January 18 via Vitriol Records. And just to make things even more interesting, check out this description of the packaging from the press release, "Behold, the Doombox EP, whose packaging consists of an actual-size (30"x10"x10") fold-out cardstock 'boombox.' The 'boombox' holds the Doombox EP in ten-inch vinyl and CD formats, as well as a separate CD containing the band's three previous releases, known collectively as the Destination Time Trilogy." Have a look at the amazing package above.

Graf Orlock - Job Hunt by brooklynvegan